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The Single Parents Alliance of America (SPAOA) is a for profit organization comprised of information, resources, offers from third party affiliates, and benefits for Single Parents, Single Mothers and Single Fathers across the United States. is dedicated to the purpose of supplying information and detailed directions on how to receive and apply for Financial Aid, Get Legal Advice and many other Services for Single Parents. efforts on behalf of its members, staff and third party affiliates is to bring information about Specialized Resources including, but not limited to, medical insurance discounts, financial aid, government grants, discount benefits from Groceries to Clothing Stores; as well as, further education financial benefits, and serve as an industry forum for information and resources for Single Parents across America. also includes a full interactive forum for Members for support and advice and the ability to leave comments and feedback on sections of the web site itself.

Membership to is Free to join. will not sell or provide your personal information to any third party without your expressed consent. Your membership identifies you throughout our network of affiliates and businesses throughout our website. Immediately after signing up for a membership to you will automatically receive a Pharmacy Discount Card which qualifies you for medical prescriptions discounts up to and over 50%, plus you will receive several emails with multiple third party affiliate offers you may take advantage of as well. Throughout the website there are also additional third party offers and resources that members have found to be very useful such as scholarships for school, gift card drawings, coupons, legal advice, credit repair programs, life insurance, etc. All of these Resources are made available to you as a member of and are completely voluntary and are accepted at your own discretion. Every third party offer will direct you away from so it is important to come back to for more resources.

We are passionate about Resources that are available to our members and the lives we touch around the nation. At times we all need a little Help. We are constantly developing new third party relationships and additional resources for our members, some examples offers are: grants, scholarships, insurance discounts, legal advice and financial help for our Single Parents, Single Mothers, and Single Fathers in our website. Also we encourage you to refer any Single Parent you know to come and join our community to help where may be needed.

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