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Shanghai Parents Will Soon Be Able to Sue Kids Who Don’t Visit Home

Visits from children back home to their parents are about to become a whole lot more frequent in Shanghai, China.   Chinese authorities ruled recently that children who no longer live at home and don’t visit their parents would face some severe consequences if they don’t change their ways. They must “visit or send greetings often,” or they may be sued by their parent...

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Dealing With Prejudice Against Single Parents

Even in modern society, there is unfortunately still a certain stigma associated with being a single parent. It can be difficult to know how to respond when faced with it, especially side by side with your children. These prejudices are often based off of misconceptions, so here’s the knowledge you need to be able to shoot them down when they come along:   Single Parents are Not Irres...

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Socializing as a Single Parent

It might seem like your social life is a bit of a deadzone now that you have children. However, it’s more than possible to balance your parenthood with a fulfilling social life. Here are some tips on socializing as a single parent:   Start Seeing Social Time as a Necessity It is completely understandable for a parent to feel that they need some time to themselves sometimes. Never thi...

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How to Pay Off Debt When You Have a Child

There’s certainly a good amount of financial responsibility associated with having a child. It may be difficult to balance debt with future bills. However, there are some ways you can cut costs and get that debt paid off so you can keep looking forward:   Cut General Costs Wherever you think you might be able to save money, do it. This might be cutting out your cable bill, or switchi...

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Positive Effects of Single Parenting

There’s a lot of negative stigma associated with single parenting. However, it’s often misinformed and incomplete. It’s time for some reassurance, because there’s a lot of it to go around. Here are five positive effects of single parenting to keep you upbeat and informed:   Develop Stronger Bonds Spending quality time with your kids one-on-one may allow you to devel...

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The 7 Best Animated Family Films

Family films are notorious for engaging every member of the family - both child and parent - in a world of fantasy. These animated classics are hand-picked as some of the best entertainment you can come across, teaching great messages to your little one(s) as well as relating to you on a deeper intellectual level. Give some of these a look next time you’re deciding what to watch:   7....

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5 Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is here! With it, we’re invited into another round of spring cleaning: the whirlwind sweep of our homes that makes everything shine and shimmer for the warm weather. Here are some tips that could help you out this year:   Clean Your Doormat We never necessarily consider just how much foot traffic our welcome mats get. Anyone who enters or leaves your house lays all the dirt an...

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Bonding With Your Child

 It may be hard for your child to know and understand the difficult situation that you are in as a single parent. You have a lot of obligations that you must meet on a day-to-day basis, yet you also want to create and keep that close, special bond with your kids. Try some of these to strengthen your family relationship:   Establish Family Time The tried and true way to build the relat...

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How to Save Money as a Single Parent

Finances are often tight as a single parent, and every dollar counts more than you’d think. Bills pile up and expenses will always be there, but there are ways you can manage your money to relieve some stress. Take a look at some of these strategies that may be able to help you out:   Tailor A Plan To You Remember that you do have obligations as a single parent, and luckily, you are ...

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Most Popular Children's Books

We all remember our favorite books as kids. Now it’s time to pass on that pleasure to your kids, but it may seem like there’s too many options out there to find  the best. Don’t worry, we’ve listed some of the top seven children’s books out there today, and some of which, you may remember from your own childhood:   Where the Wild Things Are Winner of th...

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