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Shanghai Parents Will Soon Be Able to Sue Kids Who Don’t Visit Home

Visits from children back home to their parents are about to become a whole lot more frequent in Shanghai, China.   Chinese authorities ruled recently that children who no longer live at home and don’t visit their parents would face some severe consequences if they don’t change their ways. They must “visit or send greetings often,” or they may be sued by their parents. If this happens, the court can force the adult children to have to return back home or to a nursing home.   And what happens to those who don’t comply with the court’s orders? They could potentially be “credit blacklisted,” which means they’ll suddenly find themselves having a very difficult time opening a bank account or applying for a loan. The policy is p...

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Dealing With Prejudice Against Single Parents

Even in modern society, there is unfortunately still a certain stigma associated with being a single parent. It can be difficult to know how to respond when faced with it, especially side by side with your children. These prejudices are often based off of misconceptions, so here’s the knowledge you need to be able to shoot them down when they come along:   Single Parents are Not Irresponsible Some people incorrectly stereotype single moms as people who care more for themselves than their children, and put all their energy into superficial pursuits, in turn neglecting their children. This is not true at all. Often times, single parents actually put nearly all of their time and energy into their children. Many parents think their children might even be better off now than if th...

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Socializing as a Single Parent

It might seem like your social life is a bit of a deadzone now that you have children. However, it’s more than possible to balance your parenthood with a fulfilling social life. Here are some tips on socializing as a single parent:   Start Seeing Social Time as a Necessity It is completely understandable for a parent to feel that they need some time to themselves sometimes. Never think that this need is selfish. It is completely normal. In fact, it’s important and healthy for you to go out and have a little bit of a social hour without the kids.   Face the Logistics There’s a reason why you don’t get out as much as you should. There are some logistical roadblocks that stand in the way between you and the door. You have to consider all the logistics, ...

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How to Pay Off Debt When You Have a Child

There’s certainly a good amount of financial responsibility associated with having a child. It may be difficult to balance debt with future bills. However, there are some ways you can cut costs and get that debt paid off so you can keep looking forward:   Cut General Costs Wherever you think you might be able to save money, do it. This might be cutting out your cable bill, or switching to a cheaper cell service plan. These things add up when they’re bills, so when you cut them out, the savings will, too.   Keep Some Savings No matter what your financial situation is, it’s always a good idea to create a cushion for yourself by putting away some savings. There are always going to be expenses you didn’t intend or account for, and in those times, you wil...

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Positive Effects of Single Parenting

There’s a lot of negative stigma associated with single parenting. However, it’s often misinformed and incomplete. It’s time for some reassurance, because there’s a lot of it to go around. Here are five positive effects of single parenting to keep you upbeat and informed:   Develop Stronger Bonds Spending quality time with your kids one-on-one may allow you to develop a bond stronger than what you might have had within a traditional family system. This bond will not end when your child gets older, too. It will continue on forever.   Be Part of a Community The community of single parents that is present within the world is authentic and inclusive. Many people, even strangers, are always standing by for emotional support. Additionally, the family of th...

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