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Top 5 Tips For Travelling With Children

Travelling with children can be extremely stressful, especially for a single parent. No matter the mode of transportation or the reason for the trip, avoiding meltdowns and fiascos can seem almost impossible. But it’s possible to relieve some of this stress by planning ahead. There are lots of things to take into considerations, some will be specific to your family and circumstances, but these 5 tips will make any single parents run a bit smoother.   1. Give Yourself Extra Time There will always be a few mishaps during your trip. Giving your family extra time allows you to take care of anything that may come up without setting you back. If travelling by plane, arrive 3 to four hours ahead of time. This is 1 to 2 hours more than the general rule of thumb (2 hours before flight...

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Easy, Healthy and Kid-Friendly Healthy Recipes

Having a child can present a unique obstacle for parents looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Making a separate meal for your child would be costly but children aren’t known to enjoy healthy foods. This is why kid-friendly healthy meals are the perfect solution. You can get creative or find recipes on the internet like these 5:   Baked Potato No real recipe needed here. Just bake a potato and add broccoli, chicken, and cheese. This is a classic meal for a reason; starch, protein, and veggies in one delicious package.   Crispy Fish In A Forest All this recipe calls for is cod, panko crumbs, and broccoli. Bake the panko crusted cod, roast the broccoli and you’re done.   Southwestern Chicken Roll-Ups This recipe only calls for six ingredients and ta...

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Your Single Parent Pick-Me-Up Kit

You love your child and wouldn’t trade them for anything. But it’s no secret that being a single parent can to incredibly tough. Being both parents at the same time is no small feat and sometimes it will wear on you. You will be exhausted, frustrated, and lonely. All of this is par for the course unfortunately.   While taking time to relax and de-stress is the best thing you can do in these situations, a little inspiration and encouragement can also do the trick. The internet allows you to find all types of uplifting content without having to leave your home (and worry about finding a babysitter). Because we know you don’t have time to search all over the internet for the encouragement you need, we’ve put together your new inspiration toolkit.   Single...

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How To Keep Your Child Safe From Sexual Predators

Here is a disturbing truth: a national survey of adolescents found that about 1.8 million children in the United States have been victims of sexual assault. A  Bureau of Justice Statistics report reveals “children who do not live with both parents as well as children living in homes marked by parental discord, divorce, or domestic violence, have a higher risk of being sexually abused.”  Here are some steps you can take you keep your child safe from sexual predators:   Be cautious/avoid high risk situations Anyone can be a sexual predator, and more often victims have known their abuser.  The sad reality is that people that you may think you know and trust (coaches, religious leaders, a teacher, family-friends, etc.) could be a sexual predator.   &nbs...

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Moving On A Budget

Moving is not an easy task, and it can become very expensive.  From paying the movers, to buying boxes, it can all add up and become economically stressful on the single parent.  Below is a list of simple ways to save money when you’re on the move.   Sell your stuff A great way to earn some extra money is to get rid of some of your stuff before you move.  So consider a yard sale.  You’ll have less to transport and you’ll gain some extra cash! You could be surprised as to how much you could make and how many household items you don’t need or want anymore. Keep donation receipts Donate instead of tossing out the things that you can’t sell and don’t want.  It could be useful to someone else and if you keep your donation re...

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