Five Things To Consider Before Getting Your Tubes Tied

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A tubal ligation, better known as having your tubes tied, is no light matter. Although it’s one of the most effective forms of birth control, it’s not for everyone. If you are considering having your tubes tied, there are five things you need to seriously consider first.
Have You Done Your Research?
Before going any further in your considerations, you should educate yourself about the procedure. This is a big decision and requires having all the information you can find. If you don’t like what you find, you don’t need to consider anything else.
Are You Sure You’re Done Having Children?
Having your tubes tied is considered permanent. Even if you decide to get it reversed, it can be incredibly pricey and may not work. So being sure that you are don’t want to have any more kids is the second most important thing to take into consideration. You may also want to ask yourself why. If your reasons are based on circumstances that can change, you may want to put this procedure on hold.
Could You Settle For An Alternate Form Of Birth Control?
If you’re not completely sure that you are done having children, looking into a different form of birth control is probably a good idea. Women have more choices in birth control than ever before. If you aren’t fond of the pill, there are IUD’s diaphragms, shot’s, patches and more. Compare the methods available to you to find the best fit.
Can You Deal With The Risks And Side Effects?
Though risks are fairly rare, they do exist and they could be serious. The symptoms, however, tend to be much more common.  If you’ve done a good job of researching, you are probably already familiar with most of them. Remember, a tubal ligation is a major surgery.
Is This Your Choice Or Someone Else’s?
Sadly, women sometimes have less control of their body than they should. Getting your tubes tied is too big of a decision to let someone else make. If someone else is pressuring you, it may be time to evaluate their presence in your life. At the very least, provide them with information illustrating how serious a tubal ligation really is.
Having your tubes tied is a very personal decision. If, after all of these considerations, you still want to get your tubes tied, you should commend yourself for making an informed decision. If you have decided that it’s not a good fit, you should applaud yourself as well. In both cases, you will have more confidence in your decision.

By: Alecia Stanton

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