The Importance of Having a Single Parent Support System

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Single parent support systems still tend to have a certain stigma associated with them. It’s unfortunate, however, because there many benefits to being raised within one. For example, a child raised in a single parent family has the advantage of being able to understand their parent’s perspective of perseverance and dedication in the face of solidarity. Here are some aspects to underscore the importance of having a single parent support system:
Closer Relationships
In a traditional family setting, bonding time between family members is often split several ways. Children in single parent families spend more one-on-one time with their parent. This allows the two to establish a closer bond with one another.
A single parent certainly needs some help around the house, whether they’d like to admit it or not. Who better to help take some of the pressure of mom or dad than the child of the family? Not only does this help out the parent, but it makes the child feel a sense of responsibility and belonging, knowing they serve a helpful hand in the household.
Growing up in a single parent family, children have to remain strong - not only for themselves, because it does require perseverance, but for their parents. They realize that as much as they need a strong support system, their parent could use it too.
Naturally, a child in a single parent family will not receive as much attention as one raised in a traditional family. Therefore, he or she will be more inclined to take matters into their own hands. Independence develops early on, making the child come out ahead of others his or her age in that regard.
The single parent family isn’t typical, but it’s far from broken. Being raised by one parent isn't a bad thing; your home is just fine. Two parents aren’t necessary for success. Children raised in such a household accept the way things are, and they are content with it.
The stigma associated with a single parent household needs to be diffused. There are many benefits about these households that aren’t spoken enough about - children who come from them arise strong and independent.

By: Tim Milles

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