Frank Shamrock: Spirit of Martial Arts

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Nicolette Shamrock, daughter of SPAOA ambassador and martial arts legend Frank Shamrock, joins us to talk about a child’s perspective on the true spirit of martial arts training. Although only 8 years old, Nicolette is able to understand and explain the importance of confidence, strength, and a balance of the mind and body for both children and adults alike. You can view this video by clicking here.
When it comes to martial arts training, most people will instinctively associate the thought with fighting, and some will think self-defence. However, it is a complete balance of mind, body and spirit that provides the most benefit to all who train. Being able to not only know the “how,” but most importantly, the “why” behind everything that you do. The self-understanding that comes from this complete balance will help you, and your children, better cope with times of stress, fear, or anxiety; helping to promote rational decision making when it matters most, and avoid a more knee-jerk reaction that could possibly escalate a situation. 
It is not only mental strength that makes martial arts training beneficial. There is also the obvious gain in physical strength as well. Not just the strength to physically defend oneself, but also to better take advantage of life’s opportunities and help others. It is no secret that health and overall wellness of the mind and body present a greater ability to be successful. Knowing their own physical capabilities will make children more willing to help with day-to-day chores, from carrying in groceries, to putting dishes away. Being confident in one's own physical strengths, and weaknesses, will drive you to push boundaries and expand horizons. It not only opens the door for other exercise and sport opportunities, but many adventures, like travel, that you may have never considered to be an option. 
Whether it be mental or physical strength, self-confidence and understanding, or just the overall balance of your mind, body and spirit, there is no denying the incredible benefits that all these characteristics have to offer you and the lives of your children. 


Get Access to Support, Benefits, and Resources for Single Parents. Join the SPAOA Community for FREE!


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