Finding Child Care During Snow Days

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Winter can be a wonderful time of year, but for most parents, it can also present one major headache: snow days. If you live in an area that gets heavy snow, you know the struggle. Schools close, daycare centers close, and some babysitters aren’t even available. If you can use personal or sick days, have friends or family that can watch your child, or are able to telecommute, these snow days may be a little less of a headache. But if you’re in a situation in which taking the day off can cost you your pay or ever your job, and you don’t have any loved ones to care for your child, these days can be a nightmare.
You may have some options though; the first being to bring your child to work with you. If your job is okay with this then it’s probably your best option. An added benefit to bringing your child to work with you is that you don’t have to drop them off or pick them up from anywhere. If the weather is bad enough to warrant a snow day, this will be a major selling point.
But if your job doesn’t allow you to bring your child in with you, you’re not completely out of luck. Most cities have daycare centers and caregivers that either continue their services during snow days or operate specifically during these times. A simple online search may be all you need to find snow day child care in your area. If not, websites like can connect you with babysitters in your area. If a prospective sitter’s profile doesn’t specify that they can work during snow days, contact them and find out.
Other parents in your community could be helpful as well. Figure out if any of them are staying home with their children and ask if they would mind watching yours as well. You could offer to watch their child on another date or cook dinner for their family. 
If none of the above are possible, missing work may be the only option. In this case, finding someone that will switch shifts with you will at least prevent you from losing out on a day’s wages. As long as your call-outs aren’t excessive, your boss will most likely be understanding. 
Regardless of the how you find care for your child, it’s always smart to plan ahead. Having all of this figured out in advance will greatly decrease your panic when you are notified that your child will be out of school or daycare. 
How do you find child care on snow days? Let us know below.


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